Maximising your return on UC and contact centre technology training

Role-based training to help you make the most of your Avaya, Verint and Nuance solutions

We are passionate about ensuring that every client maximises the return on the investment they make in the training solutions we implement for them.

Sabio Training aims to provide consistent, relevant and independent courses to equip our clients with precisely the mix of technology training the need to get best use out of your Avaya and Verint solutions.

Furthermore we provide this training in a format that is most convenient to you by making use of innovative training technology.

If you desire greater knowledge about your Avaya and Verint solutions, please take the time to browse Sabio Training's website and see how we can help you get more value from your solution.

Sabio Training philosophy

We are passionate about improving your employee skills, raising aspirations and creating opportunities.

Our training philosophy is founded on five key values:

  • Respecting difference
  • Nurturing potential
  • Inspiring achievement
  • Rewarding excellence
  • Succeeding through teamwork

We promise to...

  • Provide small classes and one-to-one advice and guidance throughout your training to help ensure you get the most out of your training investment
  • Always treat you with respect and support you in achieving your goals in the best way that meets your needs
  • Work with you to develop your individual learning/action plan to allow you to work towards your full potential whilst recognising each step along the way
  • Guide you through the next steps of your journey to continue your career development

We ask of you...

  • To be punctual and reliable when attending scheduled sessions
  • To let us know promptly if you have any questions or concerns during the training
  • To take ownership and responsibility for your training program
  • To undertake tests to assess skill levels as required
  • Respect others at all times and do not participate in any form of discrimination, harassment or bullying and report any concerns immediately
  • Provide feedback on your experience to help us to continuously improve Sabio Training

To find out more about Sabio Training contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..